Our Values

Over the past year, we have worked together as a council to put our budgets on a stable footing and to map out a hugely ambitious programme of change that will touch every corner of the organisation. We are proud of the way that our staff have stepped up to this challenge. The questions we need to answer now are: what is all this change for? What kind of organisation do we want to be? What is it we want to achieve for residents?

The Manual for a Changing Redbridge is designed as a field manual for the next few years of our journey to excellence at Redbridge. It sets out the values, design principles and ways of working that we need to become a modern and effective council. These principles have emerged from the many conversations I have had with Redbridge staff, including last year’s staff forums where we developed our organisation values of fairness, honesty, excellence and collaboration.

Last year we agreed four values that would underpin everything we do as a council:


  • We are open and truthful with the public, politicians and colleagues at all times
  • We accept when things are not working as planned and ask for help to address the situation
  • We share information and data openly within the Council and with our residents
  • We give each other constructive and supportive feedback


  • We believe that the residents of Redbridge deserve nothing but the best
  • We constantly experiment with new ways to improve our services
  • We know mistakes happen, but we spot them early and fix them fast
  • We seek feedback and use it as an opportunity to do things better, even when it’s negative


  • We are committed to equalities in the workplace and across the Borough
  • We consider the impact of everything we do on all of our communities
  • We provide a safety net for those who are not able to support themselves
  • We help our communities to participate in decisions that affect them


  • We work together with our partners in pursuit of a better Redbridge 
  • We engage residents and businesses in all that we do
  • We support each other to problem solve across directorate boundaries
  • We look outwards for good ideas, for inspiration, for challenge and for support